My Top Three Football Players

Football is one of those sports that is jam-packed with action and excitement. The brutal hits, the jaw-dropping jukes, and the last-minute heaves to win the game are only a few reasons why the NFL has garnered so much love throughout the years. But, what would the game be without iconic players that left their mark on the field?

“Broadway Joe” Namath

Joe was a great football player who was able to lead his team to a Super Bowl championship. Playing for the New York Jets for almost his entire NFL career, Joe was named the Super Bowl MVP, a four-time AFL MVP, and he ultimately was able to get his jersey number, 12, retired with the New York Jets. Throughout his career, Joe was able to complete 1,886 passes and an outstanding number of touchdowns.

He was a huge threat on the field but he was also busy off of the field. He hosted his own TV show, starred in a number of movies, and appeared in various shows. You can really tell that Joe had a passion for whatever he was doing and he always made sure to give it his all.

Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw was another great quarterback who was a fierce athlete and competitor. He was able to lead the Steelers to victory four times and win multiple MVP titles. Winning four Super Bowl championships in the span of six years is no small feat and neither is making it into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. I am impressed by not only his physical feats but also how he was able to strategize and make bold plays when it mattered the most.

Pat Tillman

Another football player who I really admire is Pat Tillman. He was a star defensive back and had just signed a major contract with the Arizona Cardinals before enlisting in the US Army. His service in Iraq after the gave hope to the American people during the darkest times. His bravery and commitment to our country is an inspiration to not only myself but thousands of others as well.


My Top Three Movies

Movies are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a beautiful story and the rich storytelling. I have seen various movies from all walks of life but there are some films that have really captured my attention. Here is a list of my top three movies of all time.

The Notebook

The Notebook is a great romantic movie anyone can fall in love with. The film brilliantly captures the love shared between mill worker Noah Calhoun (played by Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (played by Rachel McAdams). Set in the 1940s, the movie highlights the intense connection between the two and how true love is worth fighting for. The story is rich from beginning to end. The characters in this film are both very real and relatable. I think the love they have is something any viewer would want to experience, which made the film more immersive in nature.

When a Man Loves a Woman

This movie explores some of the issues couples can have finding that spark in their relationship. The plot surrounds the story of a man who is struggling to keep his family together, mainly due to his wife’s problems with alcohol. Dealing with substance abuse is never easy but the love Alice and Michael share helps them overcome it.


This is arguably one of John Travolta’s strongest performances. The film dives into the adventures of a group of high school kids and the complexities of their friendships. This one reminds me of the glory days of high school. The clique rules try to keep Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko apart from one another but their connection cannot be broken. It is a truly fun and heartwarming film that goes down in the history books as a classic.